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Based on more than two years of research specifically from more than 103 #DadaSmart feedbacks from over 120 homes, we understand the soaps of sanitation more than usual and that is why #SabuniSmart from #HudumaSmart comes with #AnswersSmart!

With innovation and determination, we can create the best liquid Soap that will;

99% kills germs
100% protects your skin
100% smells nice
100% maximum quality

Nonetheless, we will create more than a hundred jobs for DadaSmarts whom we will be giving professional training on how to produce and package Sabuni Smart, and they will be employed as Sabuni Smart sales personnel.

Forget about biting your mouth with rage or getting better every time you clean up.

Annoyed emoticon

This is a Smart life with a #SabuniSmart #BaunsawaUchafu.

We are more than humbled to make an appearance on The Exchange News Publication. It is always an honor for us to address the domestic work situation in the country and share our work out there to the bigger audience, air our voice concerning Domestic work is a decent job.

As we celebrate World Workers Day, we congratulate and acknowledge the contribution of #DadaSmart home workers and all the other workers in the world to the great work they do in our families. Huduma Smart along with its employees with a heartfelt heart unites all the world’s employees in celebrating International Labor Day. During this period of combat with Covid-19, all staff should take precautions as prescribed by our experts. But also the community to help each other continue to provide education about infection and how to protect ourselves and our employees and our families as a whole and God will protect us. #CoronaWe will win it Together. 


Kampuni ya Huduma Smart imetoa nafasi Mpya za kazi kwa mikoa yote Tanzania, tafadhali shiriki na yule ambaye nafasi hii itakayomfaa.

Maelezo ya namna ya kujiunga, vigezo na mawasiliano yametolewa kwenye tangazo hapo juu