What We Do

We connect you with the right domestic worker in an ethical way!

Huduma Smart is a social-oriented platform that aims to create decent employment opportunities for domestic workers. With the right blend of technology and people management, we intend to revolutionize this unorganized industry. We work on the latest technology to create an easy user interface for our clients and at the same time, our team works to spread awareness and education on domestic labor laws and rights among the domestic workers. We ensure that pre-placement induction and training is provided to the workers so that they fit the lifestyle and mannerism of our clients.

Meet Who Made It Possible

Hi! I’m BALBINA GULLAM¬† challenge oriented, team leader and always optimistic. The desire for making something creative out of my passion with myself being the one to control it is what has driven me most to become a tech-entrepreneur. I have always wanted to combine business and technology to create a significant social impact in my country, And so Huduma Smart is a perfect chance for me. As a FOUNDER & CEO, I strive for decent job creation with payments that are of equal value and economic growth, to domestic workers.¬† I identify and manage operational and corporate risks for Huduma Smart then I formulate strategies for managing and mitigating the risks. I also develop and implement business plans, budgets, short and long-term strategies. I assure the organization and its mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders.